Nice to see you here, hope you enjoy my ramblings and nerdings out about science and health. I’m a Registered Dietitian and a novice endurance runner. I’ve constantly tried (and sometimes failed) to achieve balance in all aspects of my life, and find that being mindful really helps. I’m hoping this blog keeps me accountable to my goals and aspirations to maintain health as my top priority, while still living a full life, pushing myself to be stronger and trusting myself to know what I need. I love reading blogs and getting a personal peek into my the lives of those who are similar to me. I don’t promise to be extra inspirational or wise with my posts, but I do promise to be honest and open and share my completely genuine opinions. I also promise to be respectful and as educated as possible in any opinion I choose to post.

Here are some ways you can learn more about me:

Becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD)

Blogging about the Dietetic Internship and Moving to Boston

My Portfolio and Resume

Disclaimer: While I am a Registered Dietitian and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Massachusetts, this blog is not intended to serve as treatment for the unique dietary needs of any individual. If you are interested in nutrition counseling, please contact me. I’d love to work with you!