And We’re Back.


WELL I have been altogether MIA from this dear blog for far too long. The culprit? Grad school and 3 part time jobs + an internship .. aye aye aye. Good things on the horizon, though. I am officially done with the spring 2017 semester…. Until the end of May, when summer classes start. Anything to rack up those credits and get my cap and gown (and MS) a little quicker.

Though I have not been able to keep up with posting here as much, I have still been writing. For class, and for fun.


Incase you missed it, I was so inspired by the work of the Lane 9 Project ladies at creating a community of support for active women affected by amenorrhea, disordered eating, and women’s health in general, that I decided it was time I shared my story. I’ve never really shared too much of my evolving relationship with food and how I was once in a very dark place. Much more on how my framework of mind and nutrition philosophy has evolved on the blog soon.

I’ve decided to dedicate this year to myself. Getting fully in-tune with eating and living intuitively. I am committed to getting my period back, for real, no birth control required. I probably won’t be fulling blogging the journey, as I want to keep some of this private, but I have no problem stepping up and acknowledging my imperfections, that I have ignored them for too long, and that it’s finally time to step up and take responsibility for my body and my TRUE health–> not someone else’s idea of what my health should be. Going to be doing a lot of reflection about what is best for me, hopefully getting a therapist to hash all of this out, and really digging deep for authentic self care. Anyone else want to join me on a journey of the same?

More news! I’ll be serving as the co-editor for the Friedman Sprout next year! Woohoo! So excited to be involved in pulling together Friedman’s bright minds and big ideas to keep the sharing of stories going. This month, I contributed a fun article about spring sports nutrition featuring everyone’s favorite auburn tuber, the SWEET POTATO. Cliche? Maybe. Tasty? Definitely. Read the original article HERE

That’s all for now, dear blog. My brain is tired and my body needs rest. I’m going to be doing a lot of THAT this weekend. What about you?



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