Week 12 NYC Marathon Training + Fundraising Update

Hello friends! Wanted to get this post out there before I head back to the Midwest for a very-end-of-summer trip to Marry my best friend (I am not getting married; I am MARRYING my best friend and her fiance. Right?!) More on that later. But first…


It really feels like the weeks are flying by. It’s always been crazy to me how slowly some days seem to crawl by, but looking back at the weeks and months it feels like time passes in the blink of an eye. The next class of dietetic interns at MGH graduated this week, which means it’s officially been a year since I graduated and have been living life as an RD (well, plus the one month of studying I did for the exam… but who’s counting that?)

A combination of things last week left me feeling pretty tired overall. Ending week 11 with that killer run on tired legs made for a body very much in need of recovery. I tried to pay attention to this and stay on top of stretching, doing the targeted strength exercises and sleeping… but the sleeping part seemed to fall to the end of the priority list with this week packed full of new/fun things that I don’t regret whatsoever, but by Thursday  I was very much in need of an afternoon of naps, and decided to take the afternoon to myself which ended up being an excellent decision.


Got beets? Got ginger? Got this smoothie. Beet + Beet Greens + Fresh ginger + Fresh lime juice + Greek Yogurt + Frozen Blueberries.

Week 12 NYC Marathon Training Recap

A little note here on my training plan. I am posting the week as it is planned for my own journaling but want to give credit where credit is due. My coach Heather Caplan puts together my weekly training plan fully customized to my needs. THANKS HEATHER. I’m absolutely loving having her guidance, and following such a well thought-out plan each week takes so much stress out of the equation.

Monday: Easy 45 Minutes + Hip Work

Worked in the AM and the temperatures didn’t get crazy high on Monday so I fit this guy in in the afternoon, running around the neighborhood. I quickly remembered why I don’t make it a habit to run in the afternoon, and even though it wasn’t as hot and humid as it had been, the sun was still pretty strong and more oppressive than I find enjoyable. The annoying afternoon heat and end-of-the-day bloated feeling was probably accentuated by the fact that my headphones died and I was left just running alongside my thoughts for the majority of the 4.6 miles I ended up covering. Thank goodness for the hip exercises (and so glad I was honest with myself and told Heather about my discomfort) because I’m already feeling much more balanced and can finally do pigeon pose again without being stopped by pain.


Life is good when you can stretch on a pier.

Tuesday: Spin Class + Bodyweight Core Work

Made it to an AM spin class at the studio near my apartment which happily focused a lot on core and hills – truly the best kind of cross-training work out you could ask for. Followed this up with the traditional core exercises which I have officially memorized but haven’t grown to love any more. Mountain climbers still kill me every time I have to do them and I just don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.

Wednesday: MAF Run (1 hour)

Had originally planned to run this on the Harvard track, but when the day came I really didn’t feel like making the full trek over there since the mile splits weren’t necessarily built into the run and I just needed to run somewhere relatively flat and consistent. It oddly took a long time for my heart rate to get up to speed – I was mostly running at a warm up pace of 10 min/mile and my heart rate stuck right around 135 BPM which is pretty low for me. I felt like I had to push my pace quite a bit to get up to 150-155, my calculated MAF heart rate, which seemed counterintuitive since MAF is supposed to be more lightly aerobic than high-effort… but once I did reach 150 I tended to hover right around there with a consistent 9:10 min/mile pace which was happily much faster than my previous MAF test. According to my coach, my lower heart rate could be due to any combination of increased fitness or stress, and it’s hard to know which of these it truly was since I had been feeling like my body was stuck in a bit of a stress-mode with the previous days of higher-intensity work outs and busy working schedules/minimal sleep. Also fair to expect a lower heart rate since the temps are finally starting to settle down and my body seems to be responding better with the dry air and cool breeze in the morning. OR perhaps I am indeed building my fitness up and my heart is responding with a higher pace threshold at my MAF heart rate. Time will tell with a repeated test!


Lots of veggies including one new potato + Chicken sausage + Puttanesca sauce + Feta = great night-before-a-run fuel.

Thursday: Yoga + Bodyweight Exercises

I had planned to go to another Wellness in Motion yoga class during the day but was seriously dragging during the morning and all I wanted to do was go home and nap. I was able to leave work a teensy bit early and headed straight home instead of over to the yoga studio. I napped for a solid two hours and lounged around for the rest of the afternoon. Much needed. I ended up doing two yoga videos from Yoga by Candace on Youtube, which ended up providing just the perfect amount of balancing and inversion practice, as well as an opportunity to work on my hip/leg imbalances. I held Crow for 15 seconds! And am getting a little closer to be able to do a headstand. Little victories. Headed to bed super early Thursday night to catch up on allllll the sleep.

Friday: Easy 30 Minute run

Ended up running 2.95 miles before heading in to work, because I had to leave the PM open for the KENNY CHESNEY CONCERT AT GILLETTE! Nothing really to report here. Nice morning, beautifully cool, easy easy run.


Yes Kenny was wearing a Patriot’s Bro Tank and Yes he sang for 2 hours. No regrets.


Weird Snacks. Grilled chicken wrap with some sort of tomato salsa and spicy mayo + French fries. Ended up feeling pretty nasty during Kenny because of this so would not follow my footsteps. Also shout out to the weird stains on my boots. #concertlife

Saturday: Active Rest – Beach day + Walking errands


Sunday: 2:45 long run (no more than 16 miles)


Hit the 16 mile mark! My longest run to date actually felt pretty dang good. Coach Heather moved it to Sunday since I had the concert on Friday (very happy about the scheduling because I ended up not getting home until after midnight Saturday morning and there was no way I’d be wanting to run 16 miles after that). I decided to run a different route and felt like heading backwards down the Boston Marathon course towards Chestnut Hill. Most of my warmup ended up being on cement sidewalk which wasn’t an ideal surface to pound out a ton of miles on, and it didn’t help that I wiped out about 1.5 miles in scraping my knee in the process. There was nothing to do but keep going, though, and thankfully it was just a little surface scratch that I ultimately ended up forgetting about. Ran two laps around the Chestnut Hill Reserve pond before heading back to the river to finally finish the 16 miles close to home. When I saw my watch buzz that I had passed 14 miles and was still running at pace, feeling good, I knew I would hit 16 within the time I had left. I think the rest day before and the tough run last week really helped prepare me for these miles, and it’s finally setting in that I might really be able to finish the full marathon and not die/feel horrible. Doing 16 miles in 2 hours and 35 minutes, I could potentially run the last 1o miles in 100 minutes and finish around 4 hours?? Not that I have any time goals whatsoever for my first 26.2, but as with everything TIME WILL TELL. For fuel on this run I brought along another KIND pressed bar but didn’t enjoy this one as much (Apple, beet carrot I think it was?) It was just a little bit too hard to chew, and I’ll definitely want something that takes less energy to get down in the future. Also brought along the margarita clif blocks and had one any time I started to feel my energy levels dip – ended up taking two total. Ultimately feeling strong with this run and so happy that all the training is really starting to pay off.


Total Miles = 30.0  Nice.

Fundraising Update

I AM OFFICIALLY HALF WAY! Soooo many thanks are necessary to those who have been generous with their donations and support of my fundraising efforts with Action for Healthy Kids. Since I have a donor who is willing to match donations up to $1,500, I technically could stop here and be done with it – but I am so motivated by the enthusiasm and support I’ve received I think I can continue to reach up and raise more money on my end before I have my very generous matching donor take on the rest. I have a charity yoga class in the works (coming in October) with my good friend and fellow dietitian colleague, who happens to also be a yoga instructor. There have been a few bumps in the road and lessons learned during this fundraising journey, and had I been writing this post a month ago my tone might have been a little different, but at this point I have been so impressed and motivated by the support I’ve received from friends and family that have donated. It is humbling to remember that I’m running this race for more than myself. It’s an honor to be able to raise money for Action for Healthy Kids and spread awareness of their mission around my social network.


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