Week 11 NYC Marathon Training


I know a few posts back I said I’d try to sprinkle in more non training-update posts, but this past week has been chock full of writing, researching, learning a new job, and working so getting an interesting post fabricated just didn’t happen. So, here we are, a little late to the party with WEEK 11 TRAINING. Going to try to be short and sweet this week ❤ We are getting ridiculously close to the 2-month countdown mark and that’s just insane. Am I ready for this? Will I be ready for this? CAN YOU HANDLE DIS?


Ever been super hungry and also very indecisive? (Um yes, every day). Chopped up my Iggy’s Multiseed Bagel into threes –> Part one was basic tomato + arugula + fried egg. Part two Neufchatel cheese, salmon, dill and capers. Part three basic cashew butter. 100% satisfying

Flashback to last Sunday when my heart rate was being super wacky during what was supposed to be an easy jog and ended up just being a long walk — I turned on the heart rate monitor of my watch during a bit of my walk to work Monday morning to see if things had resolved and found that my HR was back to normal. So odd why it was elevated, still not really sure what was going on. Maybe it was just my watch being a poop (really has been a temperamental piece these days)


Monday – Spin Class + Core Work Week 11 started off with a spin class at the studio I NOW WORK AT. Yesss. Dream fulfilled. I got part time job #2 at a Boston-Based spin/bootcamp studio with three locations in Boston. Before you start scoffing at me for adding more things on to my plate that I had the intentions of cleaning up, I will basically be working 10ish hours per week behind the front desk/managing the studio, at this point all in the PM (my other job generally has morning hours and I’d been working more than I was supposed to there anyway), and my primary location is located a 5 minute walk from my grad school and my other job. SO I’m basically going to be living in the South End of Boston for a while (fine with me… they are putting in a sweetgreen). All of this perfection + I get free spin classes. Hooray for budget friendly training, finally!


Tuesday – Runfellow run (3.3 miles) Took it pretty easy and ran solidly in the middle of the pack of the huge group of runners through Cambridge. Didn’t stay for a drink afterward because I knew what was coming for me the next AM… plus I wanted to get home to watch episode #3 of Bachelor in Paradise… (I hate myself too).


Not only did I get a great haircut, I also had my first photoshoot ;P

Other Tuesday happenings –> Chopped off 8 inches of my hair! Thanks to the fabulous Patrick at Clementine Hair Salon who did a bomb job giving me an adorable above-the-shoulders bob. As my dad would say, marathon runner hair and who am I to argue? Now I get a cute little nub in the back and sort of look like a boy when I pass myself in window reflections – great! All 8 inches soon to be donated to Pantene… for now they are still sitting in my room until I can get my ish together and get them mailed off. –>


Veggies Front and Center — Homemade (yes I handled ground Turkey!) Turkey Burger hidden under tomatoes, mustard and cheese. Eaten in romaine “buns” with a steamed New Potato on the side. Plus lots of barbecue sauce because it’s SUMMER TIME and I love me some Hickory goodness.

Wednesday – 800 m Repeats at Harvard Stadium I was not necessarily looking forward to this one, but thankfully the Olympics were still inspiring me so I just decided that I’d pretend I was a track star and going for the gold. Unfortunately Wednesday was annoying and had high humidity right in the morning which burned off with wind throughout the rest of the day. So despite my best efforts to beat the heat in the AM, I was stuck running endless speed laps around the track under beating sun and relentless humidity. Because of all the sweat, my lap function on my watch decided to stop working so I wasn’t able to get very much meaningful data from this workout. Warmed up with 20 minutes of jogging and plyometrics around the track and then did 6 repeats of 800 meters, resting for about 90 seconds between each. I remember feeling like I started off really strong and fast, got tired/slow in the middle, and then used the second lap to build back up and finish with a sprint. I enjoy the speedwork for mixing things up and kicking my ass, but these are definitely not confidence boosting laps yet. Afterward while I was stretching I definitely noticed my right hip feeling very tight. I didn’t feel it at all during the impact of running, just when I would lift it open or stretch it out. I had a pit in my stomach thinking “this is where it all begins” and the last thing I want is another hip issue. Told my coach about it and she gave me a few physical therapy-esque movements to add in to my bodyweight exercises to target weak areas that might be responsible for the tightness.


Thursday – Yoga for Athletes + Bodyweight Work Took another yoga for athletes class at Wellness in Motion and was again very satisfied. The instructor knows just what areas to target and I was able to work a bit on my hip/core/alignment. Glad I bought a package here because I can tell it’s making a big difference in how good I feel after the harder runs. Did some bodyweight core work back at home as well as the targeted moves for my hip.


Working lunch at Panera — Half Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad with no dressing + Summer Corn Chowder and of course bread as the side. Brought my own apple to munch on for dessert.

Friday – Easy 45 minute Run + Bonus Spin Class Planned on just running in between working at the research center, getting some writing done at Panera, and my shift at Turnstyle, but found out that I had the opportunity to take a class during my evening shift from one of my favorite instructors and how could I turn that down? Ran easy through the South End streets, and tried to take the 45 minute spin class on the lighter side knowing I had my long run in the morning – but taking Britt’s class easy is almost a joke. Working up a sweat is an understatement and I definitely felt that booty burn afterwards. But so thankful I work in a place where it’s totally cool to spin and then head right back to the job. It was another instructor’s first night, so I ended the shift with a few sips of sparkling rose because life is short.


How’s that for a work perk?

Saturday – Long Run, 2.5 hours WELL I definitely felt that spin class during my long run this morning. I was a little intimidated by this one as it was the longest one that had been scheduled so far, and based on my previous times with long runs expected that I’d probably end up with close to 15 miles. Intervals worked out to be 1 hour warm up, 30 minutes HR 160-165, 30 minutes HR 165-170, 15 minutes half marathon effort, 15 minute cool down. My legs were tired before the end of the hour long warm up. The 160-165 section wasn’t that hard to maintain listening to music and running along the river, but of course I had just been listening to a podcast all about runner safety and why we SHOULDN’T wear headphones while running… I’m just so conflicted. I know it’s not the safest practice and eventually I would love to be able to run without music but at this point it’s still so motivating for helping me push past the sluggish feeling with burning legs. I also feel pretty safe running in Boston because the areas I run are heavily populated with other runners/bikers/walkers and I generally feel very safe where I choose to run. That said, I definitely have been trying to be more conscious of my surroundings and not running in deserted areas if I’m going to be alone.


Delicious dinner I credit with powering me through a lot of this run –> Quinoa Pasta with Pinch of Yum Corn Sauce, Baked Salmon, Pan Seared Summer Squash + Feta and Pepitas

Paces ended up like:

  • 1 hour warm up – 10:01/mi
  • HR 160-165: 9:14/mi
  • HR 165-170: 9:08 (note I really was only able to sustain my HR around 167 for most of this)
  • Half marathon effort: 9:18/mi (definitely feeling tired and 100% done with this run at this point… HR average was 169)
  • 15 minute cool down: 12:32/mi jogging/walking


Fuel-wise, I felt pretty good waking up around 5 after having some delicious quinoa pasta with sweetcorn sauce, zucchini and salmon for dinner the previous night (still salivating over this meal, really — you NEED to make this sauce). Had two rice cakes with nut butter and a banana + 1 tsp or so of honey for good measure about 1.5 hours before heading out. The temps were definitely more moderate Saturday morning and I wasn’t as worried about melting, but the sun was out in full force so I definitely felt the heat toward the end of the 2 hours and was glad I brought the extra sodium chews with me. I ate 3 of the clif chews during the higher-intensity intervals, and also experimented with some more food-based fuel. I brought one of the KIND Pressed bars I had been sent and it ended up working really well as a supplement! I was a little worried about the fiber content (3g per bar), but that didn’t end up being much of an issue as I only had about 1/3 of the bar each time I dipped into it, and the pineapple coconut flavor went really well with my pineapple skratch labs drink mix 🙂 I ate the last 1/3 of the bar when I got home during my stretchout which was a nice treat.


Ended with 15.3 total miles and very tired legs

Sunday – Active Rest Day Walked a whole bunch. Enjoyed the sun and stopped to try a new (adorable) restaurant with a friend. –> Saltie Girl


Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Salad with Puffed Quinoa and Amaranth, Thai Basil and Balsamic Glaze


Saltie Girl’s THING is tinned fish (love that) and fresh seafood so we split some East Coast Lobsters and some sardines in olive oil and lemon.

Total Weekly Mileage = 27.6 miles

My hip is already feeling MUCH better with the additional exercises and TLC. Fingers crossed I am able to stay on top of other such niggles for the next 2+ months.

Other NEWS –> I made a dedicated food and running Instagram so I can post as often and annoyingly as I want about all the things that make me happy and filled with life. Follow me @abalancedpace ! Annoyingly, I am blocked from following people on that account until Wednesday because apparently it’s frowned upon in Instagram land to follow more than 150 people in one day…? Don’t ask.


Anything exciting happen in your week? I would love to hear about it!

Do you prefer long or short hair? I am currently loving how cool this short hair cut is keeping me and don’t know why I didn’t take the plunge earlier

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Please take a minute to read about the charity I am running NYC for this year and donate if you would like to support me and my effort to fundraise for Action for Healthy Kids. I need to raise $1,500 by September 1st!



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