Week 9 NYC Marathon Training



Woop woop! 9 weeks down, 12 to go, I think? Tried to keep this short and sweet but ended up writing a short novel. Insert eye roll emoji. This week was more yoga, bodyweight training, and tempo runs with one 2 hour and 15 minute long run on Saturday. My original plan got switched around a bit because I heard about this free running event on Sunday hosted by the city of Somerville Arts Council that was a partnership between a local running club and strength training studio. Originally, I was mapped out to have a day of walking on Sunday to shake out my long run, but instead we switched that day to Friday and my coach made some adjustments to the structure of the long run with Sunday’s 3.1 mile run in the works.

Weather wise, this week was not so bad! Really some ideal summer weather for the most part, and we FINALLY got some rain out here in Boston – the grass in some places is so dry you can hardly call it grass anymore. I hate seeing that. But the heat came back with a vengeance, just in time for the weekend.

Week 9 Training Plan

Monday : Cross Training + Body Weight Exercises

Took this cross training workout to the gym since I had used up my last spin class from my package the previous week. I was feeling pretty lackluster late in the afternoon and did 45 minutes on the elliptical with a routine I used to do all the time in college (throwback!): 7 minutes with moderate resistance (10-12) followed by 3 minutes of heavy resistance (17-20) pedaling backward, repeated for 45 minutes. Helps to make the time go by faster to split up the workout with intervals.

Body weight workout (2 Sets)

  • 15 air squats
  • 1 min forearm plank hold
  • 15 lunges (each leg)
  • 1 min forearm plank hold
  • 15 side lunges (each side)
  • 1 min forearm plank hold

Tuesday : Yoga for Runners + Fun Group Run

It was my last week with Wellness in Motion‘s introductory week! So I knew I had to get to a yoga for runners class. This one was an hour of really chill stretching and hip opening. Wasn’t much of a work out or core-burner, but I was fine with that given my run afterward. Shout out to Brittany for leading a great class.

I made the promise to myself that I would FINALLY make it to a Runfellow run this week since they were starting out of a brewery really close to my apartment (the same one I actually hosted my fundraiser at that last Friday, who I now love and share true loyalty) and I happened to have to voucher for a free drink sooooo it made the decision a lot easier. I am so glad I went! I had a ton of fun, there were WAY more people there than I expected, but after talking with some of the regulars that seems to be pretty normal for the summer. This group runs out of Somerville/Cambridge every Tuesday, and out of Boston every Thursday. They start and end at various restaurants/bars and are always followed by optional food/drinks and a fun social hour. Their motto is “I Like Your Pace,” and everyone is encouraged to run at their own personal pace. Everyone stands in a high-five funnel as every runner finishes, so each and every person gets cheered into the group. It really was such a great vibe. I’ll definitely be trying to be more regular with this group because I’ve already met quite a few awesome people!


Can you find me? 🙂

Despite the “I Like Your Pace” motto, I started off running in a pack of runners that were really pushing it out of the gates. I tried to run at a comfortable pace, but my heart rate wasn’t having it. I was up in the 170s off the bat, and got down to the low 160s eventually. I let people pass me, and chatted with some of the runners who were running at my pace. It helped to stop at stoplights along the way when I felt like I was going too fast. It’s hard to listen to your body when you’re running with fast runners! Overall the run felt great and I feel like I eventually was able to pace myself nicely, and push a bit towards the end because who doesn’t like sprinting to a finish? 🙂 Next time I’ll definitely try to pay more mind to my pace, and try to put the race mentality out of my head running in a group.

There were so many people there that the crowd at the bar at the end was insane! I ended up sticking around for some watermelon and pizza, but decided not to stick around for the beer – plenty of other opportunities to use the voucher I’m sure 🙂 Total = 3.84 miles


Wednesday : 1 Hour Tempo Run

15 min warm-up (HR under 155)
25 min @ 10k effort
10 min cool-down

This run felt amazing – it was a gloriously cool morning and I was excited to again be able to run a bit faster than usual. Started off listening to a podcast to keep my pace and HR down, and switched to my running playlist that is a treat to listen to now-a-days for the 10k effort leg. I tried not to pay attention to my heart rate during this portion and just push myself to run by feel. I wasn’t really paying attention to any particular pace either, just running to the music and enjoying the weightless feeling and cooler air. I was kind of surprised to see the 8:08 pace average (probably wouldn’t run a whole 10k at that speed) but I’ll take it! Got my heart rate down without walking too much at the end of this run which was awesome to see. Ended up walking the last 5 minutes. Total = 5.55 miles


Thursday : Yoga + Core Exercises

Got in my last class at WIM over the lunch hour, with a Yoga for Athletes that was super intense. Not in a hard workout way, but our instructor had us twisting and balancing a lot and holding the poses for a long time. I could tell she knew what she was doing and the poses were all very targeted toward the hips, spine, and core. I had a super weird experience and got the sensation of being really cold all throughout my body during one of the deeper balancing twists. I asked the instructor about this afterward and she said she thought I might have activated my parasympathetic nervous system somehow and initiated a cooling response? Crazy! I do have pretty low blood pressure at baseline and it could also have been related to that since we were doing a lot of inversions as well. Whatever it was, it certainly didn’t feel normal.

Came home and rolled out my yoga mat at home for the rest of the core work I had to do. Completed 3 sets and finally started to feel like I could get through the 50 second mountain climber section without collapsing. Literally killer.

Was nice to know I didn’t have a run the next morning so you can bet I enjoyed this delicious cider after dinner.

Friday : Walk it Out!

Used today to walk a bunch, to work, to the park, back home, etc. – had about 20,000 steps by bedtime. Beautiful day!

Saturday : Long Run!


90 min easy (HR under 155)
20 min @ 8:45-9:00
5 min recovery
5 min @ 10K effort
15 min cool-down


I was underprepared for this run in a few ways. First, I was expecting it to feel a lot easier than it did – definitely underestimated how tired my legs would feel after 90 minutes of easy running. Second, I forgot to pick up more honey stingers so I only had the half of a pack left over from my run last weekend, which was shorter. I was up on the later side Friday night watching the opening ceremonies and had been snacking until around 9:30 or so, so I didn’t wake up terribly hungry at 5am. I decided to try one of these bars I found at my fav. local grocery store recently, and was so happily surprised with how tasty it was. The ingredients are Dates, butter, sugar, wheat flour, cranberries, egg, water, corn starch, vanilla flavor and salt — kind of like a little cookie. For 140 calories, 6g fat, 19g carbs (2g fiber and 14g sugar) and 2g of protein, they provide a nice boost of energy. The company is from New Zealand so they’re automatically winners.


I ended up having this an hour before leaving though, which was too long to wait. By the time I was 15 minutes in to the run I was already feeling hungry. And I only had a half pack of honey stingers that I had to hoard for later on in the run when I would really ned them. Not good. Thankfully I had a full scoop of skratch labs drink mix in my water bottle which has some decent carbs in it that kept me going. I ended up making it without bonking or anything, and the 6 honey stinger chews I had left kept me going with energy to spare, but I definitely learned an important lesson in making sure I have enough fuel in me before heading out on longer runs because that feeling of hunger is not something that I want to be experiencing 15 miles into a marathon. As my coach said in her feedback, “if you’re hungry on a run (this probably goes without saying), you’re under-fueled for the task at hand. Marathon training digs a big energy hole that can be hard to climb out of if you don’t catch it early.” Good to note, Heather!!

Physically I felt OK on this run. Definitely tired (and it was humid AF) for the most of it and the faster paces were tough, but I got through them! By the end, I could feel a little nagging in my right knee (this pretty much went away right afterward and hasn’t bothered me since). Just guessing that this could possibly be related to my running form during the 90 minutes easy at the beginning, where I often feel like I’m literally dragging my feet to keep my heart rate down, compared to my faster paced sections where I feel lighter on my feet. Will be paying more attention to running form/cadence at the lower heart rate moving forward.

My watch did a dumb thing (or I did a dumb thing) and ended the workout while I was trying to change the display from pace back to heart rate. So I don’t have a pretty picture of all my splits to show you. Boo hoo. Total = 13.4 miles


When I got home I made sure I refueled right away! I put a 1/2 scoop of my PEScience  Blondie protein (so good, and I think it’s still on sale) in with some 1% milk and had that with about a cup of Trader Joe’s Cheerios. After about an hour and a half, when I was feeling hungry again, I made myself a huge egg scramble “toast” with chard, summer squash and onion, and had it with a banana (pictured in yesterday’s post as well). Yum yum yum x3


Sunday : Fun Run


The local run ended up being just under a 5k at 11am in the hot hot heat and included a killer hill at the end. There were about 12 people who participated, and we all did an active warm-up together led by one of the trainers from The Training Room. Prior to the run, he presented about the importance of incorporating a strength training routine into a running training program, something I can definitely get behind! It was nice to get a few new active warm up moves into my repertoire – they all focused on activating the core and getting the legs nice and loose and ready to go. Afterward I laid around by the river, snacked on an RX Bar (This one was so good) and took it nice and easy watching the Olympics for the rest of the night.


  1. Having a blast at my first Runfellow run, meeting the founder, and getting a slice of delicious free pizza! (Free pizza for president)
  2. Two really deep yoga sequences that left me feeling mucho rejuvenated and flexy flexy.
  3. Watching the Olympics!! The TV has pretty much been on 24/7 while we are home and I’m so excited to watch all of the events as the happen the next few weeks. So far the swimming and gymnastics have been obvious highlights, but I also really enjoyed watching rugby, volleyball and the Men’s bike racing — wasn’t able to watch the Women’s race which was probably a good thing…


  1. HEAT WAVE IS BACK. Again. I’m ready for fall.
  2. Under-fueling that long run on Saturday was kinda a bummer, but not a disaster. Thank God.
  3. Don’t know if this counts but I think I definitely had one alcoholic drink every day this week… Just one of those weeks where it felt right, ya know? Actually this definitely counts as a low because now I’m out of that delicious cider.

Bonus Jam: Old Guitar – BUNT


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