Week 6 Training Recap




Training Plan 🙂

Sunday: 30 minute recovery run, heart rate under 160

Decided to walk this one instead of run after my back-to-back running extravaganza that was last Saturday. My legs (and body) felt very sore, so using my 45 minute walk back from work as my “workout” here was appropriate.

Monday: Rest Day!

And did I ever rest. I woke up feeling extremely lethargic and like I couldn’t get out of bed – a pretty rare feeling for this early bird. Thankfully, I was able to rearrange my work schedule so I could stay home (after a brief visit back at Mass General to speak with the current dietetic interns about RD Exam tips) and took a FOUR HOUR NAP. Insane. I felt miles better after I did this though. I think I snuck in a yoga sequence before bed.

Tuesday: Group Run

Another hiccup – I had planned to FINALLY run with the local Runfellow group of runners after work. Since it was their two-year birthday celebration and the route was a shorter 3 miles, I decided to sneak in a good 4.5 mile loop that morning before work just to make sure I ended up with a decent work out. Didn’t pay enough attention to my heart rate on this one and it ended up on the higher side for the most of the run. Thankful I did squeeze this in, though, because my stomach started bothering me at work and I didn’t feel well enough to join the group. Slowly but surely learning that eating an entire quest bar in one sitting does not make my tummy happy – but darn it if they didn’t seem like the perfect “tide you over until the 7:30pm run so you can eat dinner after” snack. Deception.

Wednesday: 1 Hour Cross Training + Core Work

Hit up the med school gym for 30 minutes of hills on the stationary bike, followed by 15 minutes of heavy resistance elliptical. + 3 sets of core exercises. Simple simple.

Thursday: 800m Repeats

Oops I did it again – this week was the week of training plan fails, but DAMN this was a hard work out. Hiked over to the Harvard Track for this one bright and early in the morning in an attempt to beat the climbing temps — by 7:00 when I think I officially started this it was already in the 80’s. FUN. Basically the gist was warm up for 20 minutes, run 6 repeats of 800 meters (2 laps around the track or ~.5 mile) as fast as I could, with 90 seconds of rest after each, and then jog/walk two laps around the track for a cool down. Speed work. Well, I misinterpreted that as run 800m and then jog two laps… then run 800m then jog two laps… so that by the 4th 800m repeat it had already been an hour and I felt like something was definitely wrong. Finally realized my mistake and ran the last two repeats with a 50 meter break in between. I had approximate time goals (3:50-4 minutes) for each 800m split, but I just tried to push myself for those two laps and ended up running an average of 7:30 minute/mile pace for each. My right glute felt especially tight during the whole work out, which I figured was probably because of the squats/stationary bike the day before. At the end of it, I ran just about 7 miles and I was beat. Went home and foam rolled and could definitely feel buildup of lactic acid in my booty. Cute, right?

Friday: Spin Class

Went in the evening after work. This ended up actually being an amazing class. I’ve found spin studios to be hit-or-miss depending on the instructor, and this girl didn’t mess around. She was hardcore and motivating without being too abrasive; I was conscious of trying not to overdo the anaerobic stuff so my legs were still functional for my long run the next morning. Still felt like I entered hell and returned a stronger human — the 90 degree weather definitely played into this. Rehydrated like hell, and followed up with hip opening yoga before bed.

Saturday: 2 hour 15 minute Run

I went into this run pretty worried about the weather, honestly. The last thing I wanted was to pass out or become road kill on the side of the Charles, and running out of water on my last long run sucked, so I was anxious about that, too. Checked the forecast obsessively and saw that it was supposed to hit 80 by 8am, so decided that I’d wake up around 4:30 to eat a light breakfast and plan to hit the road by 6. At this point, it was like 79 not much degree saving could be done. Thanks to the weather, I forgot about being self-conscious. Not only did this run end up being my farthest ever, it was also the first one I completed wearing only a sports bra (and shorts, duh). Caring about my flabby abs was the last thing on my mind, to be honest. I filled up my water bottle half way with water the night before and stuck this in the freezer on its side so there would be a good amount of ice in the morning that I hoped would last more than 5 minutes on the run. I tried my Skratch Labs hydration mix for the first time, and put one full scoop in. I also brought a package of Clif Blocks that were formulated with extra sodium, and ended up taking one every 20-30 minutes to try this whole “consistent fueling” idea. I was able to refill my bottle of water at fountains along the way which was a lifesaver. Even though it was hot, I ran in the shade and the breeze honestly made it feel not-so-bad. I noticed a HUGE difference in this run just solely keeping hydrated and making sure I took one of those blocks every half hour. I never really felt “out of gas,” though by the end of it my legs did start to feel tired. I couldn’t believe my watch when I checked it right before my cooldown — 13.4 miles. The whole thing ended up being 13.75 including my walking at the end. Officially crossed the half-marathon threshold!

  • 1 hour warm up — listened to Lindsay Hein’s podcast I Want Another (highly recommend for a funny, laid back and conversational podcast with a healthy dose of running, motherhood (not that I particularly identify with this topic), and being a girl in a big big world). Ran 10:11 pace
  • 20 min @ 165-70 –> ended up running 8:53 pace with an average HR of 161 – thought it was weird that my HR stayed low despite the heat.
  • 5 min jog/walk
  • 20 min @ 170-75 –> 8:38 pace with average HR of 169.
  • 5 min walk/jog
  • 10 min @ half-marathon effort –> 8:41 pace with average HR of 167. This one also included a random sub-8 mile right after I chowed down the last two clif blocks. Can anyone say energy boost?
  • 15 min cool-down walk/jog

Total Miles for Week 6 = 28.3




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