Back to the Blogosphere



The first blog post is always so awkward. Like, I’ve totally been here for days just waiting to post something and send my voice out into the interwebs. But first I had to make sure the site functioned, you know? So it’s been a lot of simmering thoughts – how did I want to start? First impressions are daunting. The first post sets the tone for the whole blog. Will anyone even read this?

I digress.

Why did I start a whole new blog in the first place? Well, if you’re familiar with my previous wordpress (praise you!), you’ll know it was largely geared toward the transition from growing up in the Midwest and entering the “real world” in the Northeast, mostly documenting my experience with the dietetic internship. Curious? Click HERE. I considered opening that box back up for what I wanted to say with this blog, but it just didn’t seem to fit anymore. I feel much more at home in Boston now than that blog made it seem, and I’m focusing a lot more on developing professionally and personally. I also might just be addicted to new chapters and fresh starts. Either way, I felt like a clean slate was needed. And so A Balanced Pace is born!


I feel like “Balance” is pretty cliche in this era of wellness blogging. But for good reason! It’s hard to stay sane when you have your toes dipping in more waters than you can remember to name. But it’s crucial to maintain balance to manage stress and avoid burning out in any aspect of life. Stress, the little bugger, while designed to get us through short bouts of life we’re otherwise unprepared to handle, wrecks havoc when it goes unchecked and unaddressed. No matter how much I enjoy running, or school, or planning, or socializing, I need to find a balance to do the best I can in each area without sacrificing another. I find that being mindful is extremely helpful, and I’m hoping that blogging it out will help me keep each aspect of my personal and professional life balanced. 


I also have another pretty major incentive to maintain this blog. After gradually fostering a slowly burning love (sometimes love-hate) relationship with running, I decided to take the plunge into running my first marathon. One year ago, I would have balked at this concept. As I increased my endurance, my body tended to fight back (read: screaming joints, tendonitis, blisters that just would not go away). I tried different things over the years, and finally feel like I’ve found my groove with running. For so many reasons, it’s my favorite way to relieve stress, feel strong, and get in touch with my intuition. I’m running my second half marathon at the end of the Month, and will then start working one on one with a coach to focus on building up to the full 26.2, hopefully injury free.


Along with my blossoming interest in distance running is a newfound interest in sports nutrition. I’ve really never focused too intently on sports nutrition, since I never found it very applicable to myself as a moderate exerciser. Paying more attention to my own body and performance as I ask more of it every day, I’m starting to dive more into the sports nutrition literature and re-immerse myself into the wonder and science of the nutrition-body-performance connection. This is another thing I hope to use this blog to explore. There are a lot of hot topics in the world of sports nutrition that come with a fair bit of controversy. With a passion for fighting through the crap and getting to the truth, I’m excited to dig into the crazy world that is integrative sports nutrition.


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